Infos über den neuen Treibstoffzuschlag ab 01.01.2020

Wegen Einführung neuer Schwefeloxyd Obergrenzen und den damit verbundenen Mehrkosten für den Seetransport werden alle Reedereien einen angepassten Bunkertarif ab 2020 einführen. Bei Grimaldi gilt der Bunkerzuschlag bereits ab dem 09.12.2019.
Due to the widely advertised change in environmental regulations as from 1st January 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided to implement a global Sulphur limit of 0.5% for marine fuels. This change will have a big impact on global shipping prices.
All shipping lines have had to review & update their bunker formulas going forward to ensure that the extra charges are fairly apportioned from the start of 2020 to both the customer and carrier.
Some shipping lines have already carried out vessel trials where they have tested the new fuel type as all vessels will need to be VLSFO (Very-Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) ready prior to the start of the new year.
Implementation wise, the transition period will be within the 4th quarter of 2019 as many shipping lines will need to provide their vessels with the compliant marine fuel still in 2019 and hence the change in their bunker adjustment factor (BAF).
We expect that towards the end of 2019 we are able to announce the new BAF percentages for the next months to come
We will keep you informed about further development in the fuel prices.
(Thanks Greta)