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Durch die Grenzschließung in Argentinien und Uruguay festsitzende Fzg. können wir zurückholen!

Lesen Sie auch HIER (klick) unsere Rückholmöglichkeiten


Rückholungen aus Südafrika sind auch möglich.


Letzte News:


Wie unsere Partner in Namibia berichten soll die Lock Down Periode am 16.04.2020 beendet werden. Im Land soll dann wieder alles wie gewohnt sein. Wir wissen jedoch noch nicht wann die Grenzen wieder aufmachen und wann Touristen von Übersee wieder das Land besuchen dürfen. Sobald wir neue Erkenntnisse haben lesen Sie es hier.


Update 17.04.2020

Die Lock Down Periode wurde bis zum 05.05.2020 verlängert!


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Statement of Fact - NMT Shipping and Mafratours

the Corona Virus Outbreak


The Corona virus is a rapidly developing concern, Mafratours and NMT are continuing to follow developments very closely. We are taking a preventative approach to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, customers, community and family. Likewise, we are doing everything possible to safeguard undisturbed services ahead, although it will be challenging giving the various and different measurements locally and in countries globally.


We just like to inform you that we will do our utmost to keep the order processing and workflow on the performance levels you normally get from us. As from today, 16th March, and onwards we will have, if at all achievable, part of our staff working fully from home, so we have less employees at once in the office.


We appreciate your understanding and flexibility of this. Let us all hope the whole situation returns to a stable one in a short time frame.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or remarks. Mafratours will keep you updated on any specific changes.


Purmerend, The Netherlands

Krefeld, Germany

16th March 2020